Hero Complex Gallery returns to Los Angeles next week with Righteous Rides! The show is a tribute to iconic film cars and the people that drive them, and the first of Midnight Marauder’s contributions takes a look at Stuntman Mike! Though Death Proof is easily Tarantino’s most maligned film, there’s no doubt that Kurt Russell’s character stands out as one of the director’s most memorable creations. Having a fond spot for Russell myself, I think MM has perfectly captured the crazed sociopath, expertly getting the most from his 3 stark colors with maximum potency. I also love the more geometric type he’s been using lately. Stay tuned for more!

Visit Midnight Marauder’s website for more art and Hero Complex Gallery for full info. The show opens next Friday, May 3rd @ 6pm!

Hero Complex Gallery
2020 South Robertson Blvd.,
Studio DLA, CA 90034

midnight_marauder_death_proofPrint 1 of 2 for Righteous Rides / 18″ x 24″ / Edition of 50

From MM: When it came time to pick the ultimate car film. No other film came to mind more then QT’s Death Proof.It encompasses all the sheer dirty car films that came before it. It’s a mash up of muscle cars and perverted stuntman slasher.References to the cult films like Vanishing Point, Crazy Mary, Dirty Larry and Convoy.