Some of you won’t ever get to experience the bliss of walking into a physical movie rental store to pick out films. When I was a kid, it was the cover art that helped make a lot of decisions, and now some anonymous artist has given a myriad of modern films the VHS treatment with stunning perfection.

Whoever has done this, they’ve went to painstaking lengths to capture detail and design each film perfectly, whether its Fury Road’s gold clamshell, the overall worn out qualities of each sleeve or the vintage logos and genre labels. Even the barcode on the individual VHS’ brings back a lot of memories and remind me that nothing was as quite as rapturous as going to the video store with my dad and getting a new movie, letting the artwork sway me, at times being better than the films themselves and always sparking my imagination in ways my young mind couldn’t handle.

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mad-max_vhs mad-max_vhs-2 ex-machina_vhs ex-machina_vhs-2 under-the-skin_vhs under-the-skin_vhs-2 her_vhs her_vhs-2 kumiko_vhs kumiko_vhs-2 revenant_vhs revenant_vhs_back vhs_modern_films