planet_of_the_apes_flyerWith almost a dozen films under its banner, novels, comic books and a television series, the original film that started it all, Planet of the Apes, is coming back to cinemas this Summer just before its 50th Anniversary. The screenings are happening at Alamo Drafthouse locations across the country with a show in Los Angeles at a yet to-be-determined location. Each ticket comes with an exclusive “Make America Ape Again” t-shirt, designed by Jay Shaw (a poignant commentary in true Apes tradition if there ever was one), and a slew of limited edition merch.

In addition to the screening, the original score by legendary composer Jerry Goldsmith is getting a deluxe double LP release, a variant of which will be available exclusively at these screenings. Featuring cover art by Matthew Woodson and liner notes by Birth Movies Death’s Devin Faraci, the discs are pressed on 180 gram half yellow and half black vinyl.

Composed using avant-garde and atonal techniques, Goldsmith’s music is playful, minimalist, strange and perfectly fitting of the alien world it depicts. French Horn players flipped the mouthpieces on their instruments to create gusts of breath, string players used their bows to create percussive sounds, woodwind players clicked keys with no air through the instruments, mixing bowls were used by the percussion section and an echoplex was utilized to create reverb effects that were revolutionary in the world of film scores in the late 60s.

Tickets for the screenings can be purchased here and Mondo’s full line up of screening merchandise can be seen below. via

planet_of_the_apes_jay_shaw_shirtJay Shaw’s shirt

planet_of_the_apes_vinyl_cover planet_of_the_apes_vinylMatthew Woodson’s vinyl art

PotA_Powell_T_model_front_1024x1024_1200_1200_81_sEric Powell’s shirt

planet_of_the_apes_pins_tom_whalenPins by Tom Whalen