Mondo is certainly stepping up their vinyl game with more frequent releases, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Their next musical venture comes in the way of M83 and Joseph Trapanse’s Oblivion soundtrack. It’s a big, lush score, full of 80’s synth and booming string arrangements which culminate in a beautiful soundscape evoking the optimism and wonder of older sci-fi. Even if the film doesn’t turn out great, it’s soundtrack is already worth the listen.

Rounding out the package is art by none other than Kilian Eng. I’ve been enamored with Eng’s art since discovering it about a year ago, and I couldn’t be happier that Mondo is starting to use him more. If there’s another thing guaranteed in the film, it’s director Joseph Kosinski’s stunning vistas and visuals, making Eng’s otherworldy expertise a perfect fit. This is a gorgeous package on every level.

Visit Kilian Eng’s website to see more from him and follow @MondoNews for the sale announcement, coming April 26. The vinyl will set you back $25, and if you want to preview the music, you can stream the entire thing at Mashable. via

kilian_eng_Oblivion-Vinyl-Coverkilian_eng_Oblivion-Vinyl-GatefoldFrom Kilian: When I was given the honor to create artwork for the Oblivion soundtrack, I wanted toconvey the feeling of a world that was left behind; a place full of traces and remnants of a civilization long gone. An environment that truly makes the person exploring it feel small is a theme I often come back to in my artwork. For the front cover I wanted to describe this in a peaceful way. The warm colors of a sunset, or sunrise, adds an air of tranquility, providing the image a nice balance against the sharp, dark silhouettes in the foreground.