fight_club_vinyl_mondo_coverDavid Fincher’s Fight Club adaptation┬áhas only grown with appreciation since its initial release. It’s a film that sticks with us to this day, and with messages which are more timely now than ever. The film’s soundtrack was incredible too, featuring a bonkers score from duo Dust Brothers, who’ve sadly faded into semi-obscurity since then. Leave it to Mondo, though, to bring back their score in the best way – this is undoubtedly the best vinyl reissue of the year, and thanks to interactive packaging from Alan Hynes, you’re going to have to destroy something beautiful in order to enjoy it.

Fight Club bows on vinyl through MONDO, this Wednesday, November 16th, at Noon CST – check below for all the good stuff.

fight_club_vinyl_mondo_cover_ripped fight_club_vinyl_mondo_display fight_club_vinyl_mondo_records