Happy Friday! Today marks the grand opening of NYC’s Bottleneck Gallery. They’re coming out of the gate with a star-studded lineup of great artists who have turned in tons of great art based on premium cable TV. If you missed my first preview of the show, all you have to know is that it opens tonight, September 7 at 7PM EST, a portion of the proceeds go to charity, and for those of you that can’t make it, the art will be available for purchase online sometime tomorrow, September 8. Additional art from /Film, Nerdlocker, & 411 Posters.

Check out some work below and head to BottleneckGallery.com for full deets (click to make certain images bigger)!

2 by Brandon Schaefer


Cuyler Smith

Kevin Ang

2 by Maria Bergeron

Gregery Miller

Kristen Sgalambro

Jesse Riggle

Chris Garofalo @Quiltface Studios