grimes_hana_acd_chronicles-2Grimes and fellow collaborator/BFF Hana just dropped a whopping 7 new videos, all filmed guerrilla style from their AC!D REIGN tour. The footage was shot on phones, without and crew, makeup, lights, etc, so they’re really raw, but showcase a distinctive energy and creativity that only these two could pull off.

Grimes turned in vids for the Art Angels tracks, “World Princess Part 2”, “Butterfly”, “Scream” (ft. Aristophanes), “Belly of the Beat”, while Hana put together vids for her self-titled EP, showcasing “Chimera”, “Underwater” and “Avalanche”.

You can watch the entire epic as The AC!D Reign Chronicles, which is about 40 minutes long and offers a directors cut, or individual videos for each track.

These are too good – hit up GRIMES and HANA for tour dates/updates and more! via

The Director’s Cut