guardians_of_the_galaxy_vol_2_posterThe Gotg 2 hype machine is starting to rev up, so now we’ve got a new poster and teaser to look over. The footage we saw at Comic Con earlier this year was stunning, and everything that director James Gunn says about the film promises that it’s one of the best Marvel films yet.

As for the poster, it’s perfect – there’s never been another “superhero” one-sheet like it, and I love how simple and timeless it is. It just rests on how much we love these characters and their attitude, while introducing some intriguing new additions.

The teaser is a glorified character introduction, but in the best way. Everyone’s back, we get some teases as to what’s going on with them, and the visuals just hint at how big and vibrant the film is gonna be.

A full trailer is set to come soon, keep checking back!

gotg2_teaser_gamora gotg2_teaser_yondu gotg2_teaser_nebula gotg2_teaser_peter_drax gotg2_teaser_rocket_groot