New Rule Collective just put out the best collection of horror prints this year with Horror Show. The exhibit was a giant tribute to all the best horror films ever made. I don’t need to list films, you’ll see below, and what I really love about the entire thing is how unified it is. Everyone used the same colors and it makes for something cohesive yet diverse, just like the films themselves!

Check out a preview below to see the insane talent involved, and visit New Rule Collective on the web for online purchases!

thing_dan_mumfordDan Mumford

nightmare_sam_chiversSam Chivers

phantasm_coke_navarroCoke Navarro


tom_mac_hills_eyesTom Mac

the_mist_guy_mcKinleyGuy McKinley

slither_studio_mutiStudio Muti

new_rule_horror_show_1 new_rule_horror_show_2