Ainsworth-Twenty-Four-by-Thirty-SixWhat happened to the movie poster? That’s exactly the question that director Kevin Burke’s examines with his new documentary, Twenty-Four By Thirty-Six. After a successful Kickstarter late last year, Kevin’s been traveling the country interviewing legendary artists, some up and comers, galleries and even a few diehard fans to shed light on the transformation of movie poster art and the way its been thriving through fan subculture. It’s no exaggeration to say that alt-film art, generated online and through galleries have been breaching the mainstream for some time, proving that some things may never die, but just reform and come back stronger than ever.

Today, we’re honored to offer a new trailer for documentary. To stay updated on the project, visit the official Twenty-Four By Thirty-Six website, @PostNoJoes1 or @KevinBurke32 for the latest updates! (Poster by Paul Ainsworth)