nick_cave_bad_seeds_skeleton_treeAs time has gone on, it’s been more apparent that there’s Nick Cave, and then there’s everyone else. Like Bowie, Cave has been on the pulse of pop stardom (albeit more on the fringes of it), but operated by his own terms. He’s a genius on every level, someone who’s art is inextricable from the mythic proportions of his deliberate legend and the small peeks of humanity we’ve gleaned from any shred or fact us fans could find.

Now, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds have unveiled their latest LP, Skeleton Tree, and it’s coming with a one-night screening of Andrew Dominik’s One More Time With Feeling, a film that peels the curtain back on its conception. Originally conceived as a live performance piece, the film evolved into a documentary which delved into the “tragic backdrop” (the accidental passing of Cave’s son in 2015) surrounding the album and its journey to completion.

This is all overwhelming and poignant and exciting, and I can’t wait to see how this mixture of art and true emotion shakes out.

Once More Time With Feeling releases into theatres September 8th, (get tix here when available), and Skeleton Tree hits the day after, September 9th. Hit up Nick Cave for more. via


This is also a good time to plug Cave’s last film from directors Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, 20,000 Days. See it if you haven’t yet!