Film Review: 'A Man Called Ove'

Film Review: ‘A Man Called Ove’

Comically dark, but ultimately full of hope.
Film Review: 'Girl Asleep'

Film Review: ‘Girl Asleep’

You'll fall in love with it. Guaranteed.
Film Review: 'Blair Witch'

Film Review: ‘Blair Witch’

Too little, too late.
Film Review: 'One More Time With Feeling'

Film Review: ‘One More Time With Feeling’

It'll leave you speechless.
Film Review: 'Demon'

Film Review: ‘Demon’

A sobering twist on the possession genre.
Twofer Review: 'Hell Or High Water' & 'Blood Father'

Twofer Review: ‘Hell Or High Water’ & ‘Blood Father’

Two neo-westerns that you need to see.
Film Review: 'Klown Forever'

Film Review: ‘Klown Forever’

So wrong, yet so right.
Film Review: 'Don't Breathe'

Film Review: ‘Don’t Breathe’

An assault on the senses.
Film Review: 'Pete's Dragon'

Film Review: ‘Pete’s Dragon’

Already a classic that demands to be seen.
Film Review: 'Indignation'

Film Review: ‘Indignation’

Truly haunting and transcendent.
NextFest '16 Review: 'Lovesong'

NextFest ’16 Review: ‘Lovesong’

Soulful, minimalist perfection.
Film Review: 'Star Trek Beyond'

Film Review: ‘Star Trek Beyond’

The Trek film you've been waiting for.
Film Review: 'Swiss Army Man'

Film Review: ‘Swiss Army Man’

The year's most inspirational film?
Film Review: 'The Neon Demon'

Film Review: ‘The Neon Demon’

Gorgeous, sharp and deadly.
Film Review: 'The Lobster'

Film Review: ‘The Lobster’

The defining film about modern love.
Film Review: 'High-Rise'

Film Review: ‘High-Rise’

Apocalyptic extravagance.
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The 'Passengers' Trailer Promises Love & Danger, In Space

The ‘Passengers’ Trailer Promises Love & Danger, In Space

Pratt and JLaw for the win?
'24 x 36' Gets An EPIC Poster

’24 x 36′ Gets An EPIC Poster

Wow, yes!
'Rogue Trooper' By Florian Bertmer

‘Rogue Trooper’ By Florian Bertmer

Fight on.
'The Fly' By Matt Ryan Tobin

‘The Fly’ By Matt Ryan Tobin

For Grey Matter Art.
Film Review: 'A Beautiful Now'

Film Review: ‘A Beautiful Now’

Urgent and soulful.
Lorn's Video For 'Anvil' Is A Post-Apocalyptic Nightmare

Lorn’s Video For ‘Anvil’ Is A Post-Apocalyptic Nightmare

Directed by Geriko.
And Now, The First Trailer For Tom Ford's 'Nocturnal Animals'

And Now, The First Trailer For Tom Ford’s ‘Nocturnal Animals’

Yep, gonna need to see this.
'There Is Another Place Below Hell' By David Moscati

‘There Is Another Place Below Hell’ By David Moscati

Peaky Blinders!
Film Review: 'The Triangle'

Film Review: ‘The Triangle’

Surprising & ultimately creepy.
'Deity' By Nikita Kaun

‘Deity’ By Nikita Kaun

'The Prestige' By Tom Miatke

‘The Prestige’ By Tom Miatke

Are you watching closely?
'Ava' By Craig Drake

‘Ava’ By Craig Drake