Film Review: 'You Were Never Really Here'

Film Review: ‘You Were Never Really Here’

Drags us to hell and back.
Film Review: 'Marrowbone'

Film Review: ‘Marrowbone’

Tasteful, evocative horror.
Film Review: 'A Quiet Place'

Film Review: ‘A Quiet Place’

Powerfully effective.
Film Review: 'Ismael's Ghosts'

Film Review: ‘Ismael’s Ghosts’

Surreal and wholly affecting.
Film Review: 'Ready Player One'

Film Review: ‘Ready Player One’

Spielberg elevates nostalgia bait.
Film Review: 'Pacific Rim Uprising'

Film Review: ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’

Fun but still disappointing.
Film Review: 'The Death of Stalin'

Film Review: ‘The Death of Stalin’

Smart satire that digs deep.
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'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' By Ise Ananphada

‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ By Ise Ananphada

Emerald, gold and beautiful.
Film Review: 'The Female Brain'

Film Review: ‘The Female Brain’

Funny, fresh, science.
Film Review: 'A Fantastic Woman'

Film Review: ‘A Fantastic Woman’

Earth-shatteringly powerful in every way.
'La Prisonniere' By WBYK

‘La Prisonniere’ By WBYK

Shuttered paranoia.
'Winchester' By Daniel Danger

‘Winchester’ By Daniel Danger

Haunting in all the right ways.
'Alien' By Gary Pullin

‘Alien’ By Gary Pullin

Snarling, gross, beautiful.
Duncan Jones' 'Mute' Gets A Poster & Trailer

Duncan Jones’ ‘Mute’ Gets A Poster & Trailer

And it's streaming soon!
Film Review: 'Like Me'

Film Review: ‘Like Me’

Stylish, haunting and unforgettable.
Film Review: 'Mom And Dad'

Film Review: ‘Mom And Dad’

Generic title, good movie.
'The Lobster' & 'The Killing Of A Sacred Deer' By Mondo

‘The Lobster’ & ‘The Killing Of A Sacred Deer’ By Mondo

Snooze, ya lose.
Here's A Stunning VFX Reel For 'The Shape Of Water'

Here’s A Stunning VFX Reel For ‘The Shape Of Water’

Spoilers, obv!
Film Review: 'Humor Me'

Film Review: ‘Humor Me’

Nothing new, but still a charmer.