These painted film posters from Aaron Wells are fantastic. Immediately separating themselves from the same 3 or 4 (but still great) illustration styles we see everyday, Wells’ art is brought to life with a sophisticated fine art aesthetic and a healthy dose of impressionistic emotion. Even his diverse range of selections from cult classic Stargate to Sunshine and more modern art house via Melancholia are fun to explore with Wells’ fanciful figure stylings and gorgeous brush strokes.

And that’s not all! Check out Wells’ Pinterest and Etsy for tons more. Which are your favorites? via

aaron_wells_blade runner aaron_wells_wizard_oz aaron_wells_aliens aaron_wells_natural_born_killers aaron_wells_fifth element aaron_wells_stargate aaron_wells_children_men aaron_wells_sunshine aaron_wells_moon aaron_wells_moulin aaron_wells_melancholia