peter_jackson_dalekIf you’ve been a regular Whovian for the past couple of years, then you know that show runner Steven Moffat has been very keen on Peter Jackson directing an episode of Doctor Who. Jackson himself is a self-described lifelong fan and has been outspoken on the idea of making it happen.

This video, posted to his Facebook this past weekend, may be an indication that this special episode may actually happen! Of course, there’s no official confirmation in it, but the Doctor himself makes an appearance, hand delivering the contract and urging Jackson to sign on the dotted line. Through it all, Jackson is gleefully oblivious, polishing his Academy statues amidst a bookmarked copy of the Silmarillion. It’s a masterwork of fandom trolling, but it can’t just be a cruel joke can it?

The current series of Who has been amongst my favorite, and Jackson adding his perspective to the next would be incredible.