Artist PJ McQuade’s looking to blow the roof off your Valentine’s day with these nerdy cards. He went all out, creating a bunch of stuff featuring your favorite pop icons (many unsuspecting choices here!), and his craft mixed with the perfect amount of wit is bound to be a hit on your better halves. I especially love the Hodor, George McFly and Brick cards, but really, they’re all great. He’s even got some prints and magnets – oh yeah, and I’ve gotten cards from him in the past, and can personally attest to their quality!

Below is a small preview, visit his website for more and Etsy to purchase.

P_McQuade_valentines_cards_1 P_McQuade_valentines_cards_2 P_McQuade_valentines_cards_magnets P_McQuade_valentines_cards_geaorge_mcFly P_McQuade_valentines_cards_Hodor P_McQuade_valentines_cards_brick P_McQuade_valentines_cards_Legend