Australian artist Ben Frost tags McDonald’s french fry packages with pop art and acrylic. Taking a page from street art aesthetics and ideas, he twists our perceptions of fast-food’s most recognizable packages, adding a subtle layer of subtext to illustrate the way we consume both food and pop culture. His biography explains it the best:

“Subverting mainstream iconography from the worlds of advertising, entertainment and politics, he (Frost) creates a visual framework that is bold, confrontational and often controversial.”

Below is just a taste, but if you want to go any further, it gets darker and very NSFW. You can see all that stuff at his website. via

ben_frost_mcdonalds_batmanben_frost_mcdonalds_Mcsfits ben_frost_mcdonalds_bartben_frost_mcdonalds_cart ben_frost_mcdonalds_dont-struggle ben_frost_mcdonalds_family_guy ben_frost_mcdonalds_open-other-end ben_frost_mcdonalds_Spy-Vs-Fry-1 ben_frost_mcdonalds_theday