These stunning illustrations are by Spanish artist Ruiz Burgos. As far as digital illustrations go, I’d say these are as sleek as it gets. I especially love the way Burgos captures deep shadows and light when dealing with dark, black textures and clothes. His experimentation with angles and type environmental treatments are pretty rad too. Burgos has got some serious chops here, and considering his unique perspective on things, I’d be shocked if we didn’t start seeing him courted by a few big poster outfits soon.

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ruiz-burgos_superman ruiz-burgos_skeletor ruiz-burgos_kroenen ruiz-burgos_lara_tomb raider ruiz-burgos_catwoman ruiz-burgos_joker ruiz-burgos_red skull ruiz-burgos_scarface ruiz-burgos_maltese falconruiz_borgos_north_northwest ruiz-burgos_batman ruiz-burgos_wonder woman