This has to officially be one of the coolest shows of the year. Entitled Mind Intern, the exhibit comes literally from the brain of WBYK’s Sonny Day. Presenting Mondo Gallery as Sonny’s mind, the art on the walls represent the “interns” which populate Day’s brain and delegate all of his daily duties such as handling stress and the like, so that he can be free to do other things.┬áThe show will include original paintings, prints, t-shirts and more at the gallery.

Those who attend during the first two days have the option of having their own mind interns sketched out by Day himself, for just $25! You can’t argue with that, so if you’re in the area, make sure not to miss this!

Mind Intern runs from July 21-22 (with Day in attendance from 2pm -7pm) with regular nightly run from July 23-25 from 7-10PM. Visit here for more details!

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