So this weekend is it! On Friday, Austin’s Guzu Gallery celebrates Deep Cuts 2, a sequel to last year’s exhibit which features record-sized screen prints. Each artist was tasked with picking a musical hero and paying tribute to them through $25 screen prints, all sized at 12.5″ x 12.5″, mirroring the size of a vinyl record. In essence, these are alt-record covers which act as portraits or encapsulate why we love certain iconic musicians. Fittingly, each artist has delivered a radical take on a diverse set of musical acts. Guzu is also making sure the night is a memorable one with free beer, live music and more!

I personally contributed the Nine Inch Nails piece down below! Trent Reznor’s is my absolute favorite musician, and to me, it felt appropriate to take a look back at where he started. Pretty Hate Machine is basic compared to NIN’s later releases, but the building blocks are there and show a true artist at his most primal! It was fun to try and strip the album cover’s iconic elements and personify the album’s music into something abstract!

Opening reception is Friday, September 26th from 7-10PM and will remain on display until October 20th! If you can’t make it, artwork will be available at the Guzu Online Store Monday, September 29th around Noon CST. RSVP on FB!


NIN_vFINAL_web_preview_adj_SGSal Gabriel / NIN

Aphex Twin_Vincent X TorresVincent X Torres / Aphex Twin

Joy Division_Eric TorresEric Torres / Joy Division

PrintDevin Lawson / Daft Punk

Bowie_Alan_DefibaughAlan Defibaugh / Bowie

Lana Del Rey_Alice_Meichi_LiAlice Meichi Li / Lana Del Rey

Metallica_Daniel_ArandaDaniel Aranda / Metallica

Misfits_Alexander_ IaccarinoAlexander Iaccarino / Misfits