Yesterday, we premiered Nick Comparone’s contributions to Hero Complex Gallery’s latest show, and now its time for a few more sneaks. The show, entitled King for a Day, is a giant art tribute to the works of Stephen King. Naturally, what we have below is just a small sample of what will be on hand at the show, but as you can see, it promises plenty of chills, thrills and ghoulish delights. Proceeds will even benefit the Haven Foundation, which helps to support those who have suffered from accident or illness.

Visit Hero Complex Gallery for full info, doors open this Friday, March 21st at 7pm.

SamGilbey copySam Gilbey

creepshow_jeremy_wheelerJeremy Wheeler

dani blazquez _stand by meDani Blazquez

aaron_bartlingAaron Bartling

Paul_Shipper_shawshankPaul Shipper

Martine_Johanna_stephen_kingMartine Johanna

Dan_Mumford_The_MistDan Mumford


annie_misery_nick_comparoneNick Comparone

David_Moscati_pet_cemetaryDavid Moscati

Hanzel_haro pet cemetaryHanzel Haro

karl_tagle_shawshankKarl Tagle

DarkTower_HarlanHarlan Elam

Blain_Hefner_CreepshowBlain Hefner

Alexandros_Pyromallis_pet_cemetaryAlexandros Pyromallis

Mark_Chilcott_stephen_kingMark Chilcott

Tom Miatke_shawshankTom Miatke

Meghan_Stratman_FirestarterMeghan Stratman

Eugene_Kaik_OuijaEugene Kaik

John_Aslarona_Pennywise_itJohn Aslarona

Chris_Garofalo_pet_cemetaryChris Garofalo

Adam_Rabalais_shawshankAdam Rabalais