It’s that time again, and this weekend, Spoke Art is exclusively hosting the annual Quentin vs Coen art show! Over 60 artists have come together to reinterpret their favorite QT/Coen characters and scenes, taking each director’s already highly stylized worlds to new heights of creativity and inspiration. Every type of medium will be represented here from paintings, sculptures to screen prints, making this the ultimate tribute to our trio of talented filmmakers.

Opening reception is Saturday, July 5th from 6pm – 10 at the San Francisco location, with the show on view until July 26. If you can’t make it, online sales begin Tuesday, July 8th via the gallery’s website. Visit Spoke Art for complete details!

qvc_budich_flyer_quentin_coen_spoke_artFlyer by Joshua Budich

joshua-budich_quentin_coen_spoke_artJoshua Budich

Peter Strain_quentin_coen_spoke_artPeter Strain

tracie-ching_quentin_coen_spoke_artTracie Ching

jason-edmiston_quentin_coen_spoke_artJason Edmiston

oliver-barrett-anton_quentin_coen_spoke_art Oliver Barrett_quentin_coen_spoke_art2 by Oliver Barrett

Rich Pellegrino_quentin_coen_spoke_artRich Pellegrino

Joel Daniel Phillips_quentin_coen_spoke_artJoel Daniel Phillips

Ivonna Buenrostro_quentin_coen_spoke_art_2 Ivonna Buenrostro_quentin_coen_spoke_art2 by Ivonna Buenrostro

Tim Doyle_quentin_coen_spoke_artTim Doyle

Scott Mitchell_quentin_coen_spoke_artScott Mitchell

Geoff Trapp_quentin_coen_spoke_artGeoff Trapp

Casey Weldon_quentin_coen_spoke_artCasey Weldon

Bruce White_quentin_coen_spoke_artBruce White

EPSON MFP imageVeronica Fish