At this point, Prometheus‘ reputation precedes it. Some like it, some don’t. I personally find a lot to like in it, even if it is majorly flawed. Still, this print from Gabz is pretty amazing, and that isn’t up for debate. It’s a bit different from the artist’s style, yet one that is an unexpected progression. There’s an immense amount of detail, and the simplicity of the composition only helps to single out its nuance. Even further, the typography hones in on the Giger influence, with a typeface that could’ve come from a polish poster, sealing the entire thing with a slick, layer of cool.

On sale this Wednesday, March 22, at Grey Matter Art.

Reg / 24″ x 36″ / Screen print / Edition of 225 / $45

Var / 24″ x 36″ / Screen print / Edition of 150 / $60

From Gabz: I’ve been a fan of Alien franchise since the very beginning and always enjoyed terrifying yet mesmerising worlds created by Sir Ridley Scott, so I couldn’t be happier for having a chance to work on an officially licensed print for Prometheus. The idea for this poster struck me after re-watching it for the third time and I almost instantly started drawing… For me it was a sort of back to basics, because the image was entirely made with pencils on paper, later scanned and digitally enhanced in Adobe Photoshop, and later color separated for screen printing. I’m pleased to say it’s practically a personal work and really wanted to thank Grey Matter Art guys, Acme Archives Limited and Dark Ink Art for letting me do this piece my way. The idea was to depict Architect’s pale and godly profile with a human fetus inside his skull. Attentive viewer should be able to spot at least few references to xenomprph and H.R. Giger’s work that inspired “worlds scariest alien”. The title is “Creator of Men” or simply “Architect” and my intention was to yet again pay homage to Polish Poster School which is very close to my heart not just because of my origin. With this print I also wanted to somehow recollect my earlier years, back when I was an art student and was absolutely obsessed with anatomy and human body in general. Hope fans of the franchise will appreciate my take on the film.