Here’s a tribute to Jaws’ ‘chopped hero Quint as he takes his revenge on cinema’s most iconic shark. Drawing influence from his impressive ‘burns, artist PJ McQuade has cleverly given the character his own comic book cover, inspired of course by our favorite mutie, Wolverine. The mashup is a perfect fit, with McQuade’s aesthetic style and use of striking red a must see for fans of either character.

The piece was originally created for MF Gallery’s 10th Anniversary with hand painted, embellished blood but has since sold out. Luckily, McQuade is selling artist copies at his Etsy. Make sure to click that link quick if you’re into the art — he’s also got some stickers and alternate sizes for the choosing.

Quint-Jaws-Wolverine-Xmen-cover-by-PJ-McQuade-1 111-Quint-Jaws-Wolverine-Xmen-cover-by-PJ-McQuade 33-Quint-Jaws-Wolverine-Xmen-cover-by-PJ-McQuade13″ x 19″ / Full bleed giclee print / Chromolife 100 archival inks / Hand signed and dated / $45

From McQuade: Whenever I watch Jaws I am always struck by how dope Quint’s sideburns are. He really rocks the stuffing out of them. Always made me think of another famous fictional fella with killer burns – Wolverine! So I thought what if Quint was actually a mutant, had a healing factor and an adamantium skeleton with killer claws. He’d slash his way out Jaw’s belly, emerged from the blood reborn, ready to take the high seas by storm. I designed it as a comic book cover, an homage to Wolverine #1. At last – in his own monthly series!