nathan_drake_uncharted_ps4To soften the blow of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End being delayed to an early 2016 release, we’re now getting completely remastered versions of the entire Uncharted series: Drake’s Fortune, Among Thieves and Drake’s Deception – and that’s perfectly okay with me. Though the scene has been peppered with remakes and remasters, coming out with some of last generation’s best action games are a great introduction to the iconic Nathan Drake, who in my opinion, didn’t get enough love. Now, the series gets to be enjoyed by fans who don’t mind the upgrade, and a new audience, who missed out the first time ahead of the series’ upcoming installment – trust me, if you haven’t played these and are into cinematic action with really strong characters, you’re going to wanna mark your calendars.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection his October 7th in Europe and the 9th in US. Buyers will get access to the Uncharted 4 multiplayer beta and enjoy rebuilt 1080p graphics at 60fps, so I say it’s a win-win for all – get those PS4’s people. Check out the trailer below and get excited. via