Kilian Eng and Robocop, it just makes sense, right? Well, here it is, courtesy of Grey Matter Art. Eng’s brought an especially gritty aesthetic to his latest screen print, and its a fitting one, framing the iconic cyborg within his city and all of its concrete glory. I like Eng’s approach to the lighting as well, using high contrast to keep things in deep shadows and shrouding old Detroit in a blanket of geometric chaos.

Robocop goes on sale through Grey Matter Art this Wednesday, January 27th between 1-2PM. Follow @GreyMatterArt for the exact time.

Kilian_eng_Robocop_Reg Robo Reg Detail 2Reg / 24″ x 36″ / Screen print / Edition of 220 / Hand Numbered / $45

 Kilian_eng_Robocop_var Robo Var DetailVar / 24″ x 36″ / Screen print / Edition of 110 / Hand Numbered / $60