suicide_squad_sdcc_trailerAfter the unfortunate and rampant leaks which were posted on a lot of major websites (shame on them), WB has officially released David Ayer’s Suicide Squad footage from SDCC this past weekend. I’m really loving what I’m seeing here, it’s pretty ballsy, and an appropriate response to Marvel’s stance on mostly unmemorable villains (although, it could be argued that their films are fine the way they are).

The thing that’s really interesting is that this in no way looks like something you’d take the kids to. This is, after all, a film about the worst of the worst, and a government of shady figures looking to exploit them. The content is dark, not because there’s anything explicit, but it’s very suggestive, something we might’ve seen from Tim Burton’s Batman films, which I didn’t think could be made in this day and age. Will DC’s connected universe dip in and out of PG-13 to R ratings? It’d be an interesting gamble which would probably be a logistical nightmare, but at any rate, put it on the record that I’m more excited for this than Batman v Superman. Dark, but appropriately so, the film also hints that it just might break DC’s “no joke” policy.

Suicide Squad hits August 5th, 2016.