sdcc_doctor_strange_cast_panelAt just one of many incredible moments during Marvel’s insane SDCC panel, director Scott Derrickson was joined on stage by his Doctor Strange cast. There was a lot of fanfare as star Benedict Cumberbatch hit the stage to a rowdy crowd.

The cast got to give a quick rundown of each character, with a few interesting tidbits. Rachel McAdams’ Christine Palmer (Marvel’s Night Nurse) will be presented as a colleague of Strange, who has also been a former lover. When the film begins they already have a very established rapport. Chiwetel Ejiofor says that his Mordo is more of a mentor to Strange, helping him deal with his newfound abilities, while Benedict Wong revealed that his character, Wong, won’t be the manservant he is in the comics. Instead, he’ll be more of a drill sergeant, getting Strange in shape to a point where he needs to be. Lastly, Mads Mikkelsen told us how, like any good villain, his character believes that he is not bad. His character is instead someone who believes in a better world, and is trying to find a proper path to get us there – he’s not a villain, but a believer.

sdcc_doctor_strange_castThe panel then showed us a full scene from the film, one in which Strange first meets the Ancient One. In it, Strange is post-accident, cradling his hands awkwardly as he searches ancient temples, and is confronted by Mordo (Ejiofor), who takes him to a room filled with asian men. Thinking that one of them is the Ancient One, he begins to get his attention, only to discover that the woman serving him tea (Tilda Swinton) is the one that he seeks. From there, we find out that he’s been looking for her because of a story in which she healed a man with a broken spinal cord. She then appeals to him that it’s the mind which causes our cells and body to regenerate, with Strange misinterpreting this as some sort of radical tech aiding in cellular regeneration. He gets drowsy, thinking that his tea has been spiked, then the Ancient One knocks his spiritual self into the astral plane. We see a glowing, yellow version of him leave his body, stunned as he views his lifeless physical self being held by Mordo, before re-entering it. Now panicked, the Ancient One throws him into some sort of dimensional portal. This section was very 2001: A Space Odyssey, with technicolor tunnels and effects that evoked psychedelia as Strange’s body shattered into millions of pieces and reformed throughout various inter-dimensional sights. Returning to his body after such a rush, he extends his arms out and pleads to the Ancient One, “Teach me.”

We then got a trailer, which, as you can see is pretty exciting. There’s lots of action, more mind-bending sights and we finally get to see him don the cape! Buckle up folks, this is going to be a wild one.