guardians-galaxy-vol-2The Guardians of the Galaxy returned to SDCC as the crowning jewel of Marvel’s Hall H presentation. James Gunn came out to kick things off and introduce Vol. 2.

Before Gunn could get very far however, he was interrupted by Ravagers, including his brother Sean Gunn reprising his role as Kraglin. Over a dozen Ravagers rushed the stage, spewing belligerent remarks and taking up all the chairs on stage. They sat up there for a while, taunting the crowd and Gunn, before he was finally able to get them off to the sides.

With the Ravagers out of the way, it was time for the cast to come in. Chris Pratt (Star-Lord), Zoe Saldana (Gamora), Karen Gillan (Nebula), Pom Klementieff (Mantis), Dave Bautista (Drax), Elizabeth Debicki (Ayesha) and Kurt Russell then came out to get things going. As you can see, the cast was stacked, rounding out the Guardians and turning them into something fresh.

gotg_vol_2_sdcc_ravagersThe first exclusive scene we got was an extended breakout. A ravager throws Yondu, and Rocket into a cell. Baby Groot is in a tiny cage, and thinking that he’s harmless, the Ravagers let him loose.

We then see a scared Groot (he really resembles his Funko figure, big black eyes and all), dressed in a red Ravager outfit surrounded by the rowdy bunch. The scene, cuts to black, and Groot is walking by himself, dejected. He passes by the cell that Yondu and Rocket are in, and they call him over. Yondu promises that he can spring them out if Groot can go and fetch him a prototype fin. It’s then we notice that Yondu’s signature fin (the red metal mohawk atop his head) is broken.

Tiny Groot perks up and before we know it, he’s navigating a sea of snoring Ravagers, looking for the object in need. Groot brings them everything but what they need. He brings them lots of things, a severed toe (or thumb), a mechanical eye (which Rocket says to leave, thinking it’ll be funny when its owner wakes up to a lost eye), a desk, and finally, the fin. It’s larger than the last one, finally giving Yondu his comic book accurate appearance.

gotg_vol_2_sdcc_castThen the Ravagers awake while the song “Come A Little Bit Closer” by Jay & The Americans plays, obviously a new track from Quill’s Vol. 2 mixtape. It cuts to a reveal of Yondu, Rocket and Groot surrounded by knocked out Ravagers. Rocket picks up a gun and we’re treated to a slo-mo shot of the trio waking down an hallway. Yondu then uses his powers to send an arrow through a group of Ravagers who are in their way, with a nice aerial shot following the arrow as almost a dozen bodies fall.

Finally, the trio entering a giant industrial-looking room with elevated platforms. Tons of Ravagers rush towards them and Yondu’s arrow goes flying. Things switch to slow motion, allowing the three to walk through a platform as dozens and dozens of bodies rain down around them. The visual is insane, and huge in scope. Groot spots a Raveger above them, his arms extend and he climbs up the platform, chasing him. He lets out a cute, high-pitched war cry before tripping him with extended limbs, dispatching him and then jumping back down to Rocket’s shoulder as they exit.

After Michael Rooker came out as Yondu himself, the next clip was a proper teaser. It starts off with Rocket, Quill, Drax and Gamora on what appear to be gold, circular platforms hovering high above the clouds. They trade banter about Gamora’s weapon of choice, now a shotgun instead of a sword, and Quill flies off with a jet-pack as a giant tentacled beast appears out of a portal in the sky. It’s here we discover that the Guardians are working as heroes for hire, presumably by Ayesha, as hinted earlier in the panel.

gotg_vol_2_sdcc_yonduLots of fast cuts, we get a shot of Ayesha, painted fully gold and in an opulent throne room, then tons of action with the guardians in a blue-hued forest. We then get some more banter with Quill and Rocket, the latter threatening Quill to not call him a raccoon! Quill ignores him and calls him a trash panda. Rocket asks Drax if this is worse, and Drax looks at him confused, “I’m not sure”. Peter giggles that it’s way worse, and the titles come up – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

But! The trailer isn’t done yet. A ship lands as the guardians look on, and out comes Kurt Russel with Mantis. After some exchanges, Russell tells him that he’s Peter’s father, and confirms that he’s Ego, the ancient, living planet – Russell is his avatar in human form. They appear to board his ship, and Drax wonders if Ego’s human self has a penis, to which he answers, “Yes, I have a penis.” BTW, this entire sequence is set to “Break the Chain” by Fleetwood Mac, another track from the Vol. 2 mixtape.

So yes, Peter Quill’s dad is Ego, and that’s totally insane and huge. It seems as if Gunn has been given total range, going all out to take these characters further and give us a bigger, more unhinged experience. The footage was truly mind-blowing.