spider-man_homecomingAnother surprise from Marvel’s killer SDCC panel was a look at the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming. Director Jon Watts, star Tom Holland and cast came out to represent, and the footage was brilliant. As previously reported, the film is heavily influenced by the John Hughes’ 80s teen flicks, and the teaser we got to see mixed that upbeat vibe similar to Freaks and Geeks.

The footage started with Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” set to high school yearbook photos of the Avengers. We got to see goofy, awkward photos of everyone in the team, from Tony Stark, to Steve Rogers to Natasha Romanov (in accurate cyrillic script). The graphics were very bright, with bold sans serif fonts and geometric shapes that looked like they could’ve come from a trapper keeper. The footage was set up into different school periods with matching time stamps, taking us into a day in the life of Peter Parker.

First up, was some sort of science class, with Peter watching YouTube footage of Spidey taking down Ant-Man from Civil War’s iconic scene. A teach asks him a question to see if he’s paying attention, and he spurts out some science jargon, much to the dismay of fellow classmate Flash Thompson, Grand Budapest Hotel’s Tony Revolori.

spider-man_sdcc_Things then jumped to “women’s studies”, with Peter and a friend sitting at a lunch table watching girls walk by. It was a really cute segment, with the two realizing that they were being too obvious, leading one of them to mention that they should stop before someone notices.  Before they could turn away, the camera whips to another girl sitting not to far from them. It’s teen star Zendaya as Michelle, chiming, “Too late”, totally overhearing them and giving them a disgusted look. She had super unkempt hair, kinda giving off a goth-ish, bad girl look.

Next is gym class (I think, can’t quite remember if this is the exact order), with Peter doing pushups, while a girl, The Nice Guys’ Angourie Rice, sits off to the side with friends, mentioning how she has a crush on Spider-Man. Peter’s head whips around, gives funny face as if he’s just gotten into trouble.

There’s another quick segment in what appears to be chemistry class, and Peter seems to be working on his webbing material. A teacher calls on him, he shoves a beaker into a drawer and looks up.

Finally, it’s time for study group. Peter’s with a bunch of kids sitting at a table when his watch alarms. “I’ve gotta go”, he says (paraphrase), as Michelle gives him a suspicious look from around the table. She questions why he’s got to leave all of a sudden, and Peter sweats, not knowing what kind of excuse to give. She then mentions that she’s just giving him a hard time, and let’s him off the hook.

sdcc_spider-man_castTo cap it off, there’s a few quick split second moments of Spider-Man in action. He climbs up a building in classic Spidey pose, hands and feet holding him in place. Then, we see him running on top of some giant cylinders on the back of a speeding truck, and get a really quick look at the film’s villain, Vulture, who looks extremely intimidating, swooping in from the top as a low angle composition catches him. He’s scary, a complete tonal opposite of the High School stuff, and then the teaser ends.

Titles come up again, this time with the Spider-Man: Homecoming logo, which looks like it’s a sticker placed on a book.

The biggest surprise here is seeing how genuine of a High School film this might be. They’re prepping for a Homecoming dance, and all the kids are extremely versatile,  setting up tons of fun archetypes, keeping Peter on his toes with a relentless vibrancy. Even without any action or danger, the rapport and chemistry are real, and I could easily watch an entire film of Peter trying to balance his secret life with the trials of adolescence.

It looks like Marvel’s taken a bold risk once again, giving us a true teen adventure in the guise of a superhero film, and I can’t wait to see more. BTW, this official concept art exactly what the Vulture looked like in the footage!