the_100_cast_sdccThe 100 was really brutal on both its characters and fans this year, not holding back and delivering one of the darker, post apocalyptic morality plays out there. Unflinching to the nth degree, its panel at this year’s SDCC promised to take the show ever further for its upcoming fifth season – that’s saying something for a show that killed tons of its major players this past season, proving that half-measures will never be on the table.

the_100_cast_detail3After bringing some of the cast out, Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin) Richard Harmon (John Murphy), Christopher Larkin (Monty Green), Henry Ian Cusick (Marcus Kane), Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), show runner Jason Rothenberg had a few things to say about the fifth season:

-Lexa, A.L.I.E. and the city of light are gone for good, but the flame still exists, and carries with it the conscience of every previous commander
-There are night blood scouts, so we may meet some new night bloods who may be able to take the flame, seeing as Polis is left without a leader
-Zach Mcgowan’s Roan is joining the cast as a regular, meaning he’ll be in the show in a much greater capacity
-Rothenberg mentioned how this season, the Earth fights back, no longer a bystander amidst the war and splintered survivors, but a combatant, making good on A.L.I.E.’s concerns that the nuclear fallout isn’t gone yet
– Nadia Hilker’s Luna, last seen rejecting the flame, will return and so will Adina Porter’s Indra.

the_100_cast_detailWorth mentioning is that the show dodged a bullet, with Lexa’s death hanging over the entire hour, but its larger implication to the fanbases left unaddressed. Still, with so much up in the air and a seemingly impossible new villain (nature), this next season looks like it’ll be the most ambitious yet.

The only new bit of footage was the end of a sizzle reel, summing up everything so far. As you can see below, there’s a lot of stabbing, blood, anguish, and that final scene in question, a nuclear black cloud engulfing Polis ending things on a dark note.