So this Friday, The Aero in Santa Monica is screening Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns. I grew up with these Tim Burton Batman movies. I remember the first time I got the original for Christmas and watched it almost two times a day for a straight week; but besides my childhood nostalgia for the films, here’s why I think you should go.¬†With Nolan’s Batman movies at the forefront of today’s current batch of comic book adaptions, I think it’s important to remember how much of an impact these movies had in generating crossover appeal for comic book heroes who at the time where still only for a select and fervent few. They still stand to me as amazingly beautiful and lavish productions (with the original being one of the most expensive movies at the time), and where Nolan’s films are great crime dramas, it’s these original movies that maintain Batman’s dark, psychological themes while still staying unabashedly true to all of the comic books’ eccentricities. Trust me, I just re-watched these movie’s and they both still stand the test of time.

The icing on the cake here is that Michael Uslan will be in attendance for a Q&A before both features. There are some great documentaries on Batman/Batman Returns bluray’s which explain who this guy is. Basically, if it weren’t for him, these movies would’ve never been made. He was one of the original people to pitch the darker Batman to producers and over a period of years, finally got the project to be seen as a viable enterprise. He was also the first instructor to teach ever “Comic Book Folklore” at an accredited university; which is just as important (if not more) of an achievement. You won’t want to miss this, so click here for all the info and tix!