Artist Matt Warren of Paper 8 Apparel has transposed 8 of his alt film posters into billboards. They’re currently and strategically scattered around the streets of Los Angeles, and serve as a continuation of his art – in his own words, a way to deconstruct “the cinematic experience in order to critique the methods with which Hollywood formulates stereotypes and builds expectations.”

Like his posters, each billboard is a single frame from the films they represent, distilling the themes, ideas and iconography behind some of our most beloved films. Such a massive undertaking is likely to turn heads, and I love the ambition behind it.

Five billboards are currently up, with 3 more on the slate for the next two weeks. Below are the places which you can view them for yourselves, in addition to Matt’s Instagram.

matt_waren_showgirls_billboard matt_waren_pulp_fiction_billboard matt_waren_psycho_billboard

• Exhibition runs until May 22, 2016.

#0094 Beverly Blvd/S Laurel Ave 4/5 – 5/3
#0570 Sunset Blvd/Highland Ave 4/5 – 5/3
#0698 La Brea Ave/San Vincente Blvd 4/5 – 5/3
#1231 Santa Monica Blvd/Sweetzer Ave 4/5 – 5/3
#1497 Sunset Blvd/ Stanley Ave 4/11 – 5/9
#0885 Melrose Blvd/Larchmont Ave 4/18 – 5/16
#1244 Santa Monica Blvd/Vine St 4/25 – 5/22
#0579 Highland Ave/ Willoughby Ave 4/25 – 5/22