batman-v-superman-trailerI know that trailers are supposed to get us to ask questions and in turn, get us excited for a movie, but the questions posed in the new Batman V Superman trailer are just confusing.

What’s going on with Clark Kent? He’s suave, more assertive, and not at all how we associate the character. I’ve always loved the contrast between Kent and Supes – it’s a playful commentary of how the hero views humanity’s weaknesses but still loves us anyway, and without that juxtaposition, who is he?

What’s up with all the wanton destruction? The film is obviously about the fallout and mayhem that the Zod/Supes fight caused in Man of Steel, so now, Batman and Superman are just going to duke it out while the world around them disintegrates? Even more so, a single leap form Doomsday destroys an entire intersection and possible part of a building. Isn’t that the least bit excessive? Superhero films have always turned a blind eye to collateral damage, but at least Marvel’s past few films have commented on this, going out of their way to show their heroes actually saving people and doing their best to contain the big brawls. This offers up more of what I was afraid of, with now four super-powered characters oblivious to the damage they’re causing. And what’s up with Batman and that gun!?

Also, after spending months unfortunately positioning Supes as a villain, it’s pretty insane to just see them brush off the “V” aspect of the film’s title to deflate all that tension. We knew they were all going to team up, but if this trailer is any indication, there’s no more surprise as to what clumsily gets them together and how it all plays out.

Let it be known that I think Zack Snyder is an unparalleled visual craftsman, but even the visuals here seem to be letting him down. The film seems to be a product of the compounding problems of Man of Steel. If you make bright, colorful comic book characters too dark, the fantasy elements will eventually drag everything into unwitting parody, and it looks like that’s what’s happening here.

I want to be surprised and like this film when it comes out, but at this point, the way its been sold has been atrocious. I guess WB doesn’t care, because we’re all seeing this movie anyway right!?