star_trek_beyond_trailerI’m going to be suspect of Star Trek fans who cry foul to this trailer. It’s obviously cut for those flocking to see Star Wars this weekend, but at base level, it feels like an old episode of the original series. Is it louder, faster and all around more furious? Sure. But the original series was NEVER boring. It was about these characters, their adventures, and the way they learned to overcome prejudice to work with alien species’ and overcome external conflict. The metaphor of that simple idea is an important one, and Roddenberry’s dream of diversity is too big to only be solely for possessive nerds. I appreciate the fact that so many have found community in this universe, but by denying it the ability to grow and change with the times, we’re also stopping it from reaching the wide audience that it needs.

This looks trailer looks like the best kind of evolution, a more muscular take on the series that hasn’t lost its sense of imagination, character or adventure. We know that Justin Lin can make us care about characters, and I really believe that the story, beyond the explosions is going to be something that makes us remember what we love about the series. It’s also exciting to see something new, finally going beyond the endless rehash of Abrams Trek and rightfully into the big, beautiful unknown.

Don’t count this one out yet fellow Trekkies.