calexico_falling_from_the_sky_1Stolen Shots is a column in which our bud, fellow director Caleb Jackson picks apart some music videos that we love. Check out what he’s got to say, because it’s awesome.

Calexico have made great strides with their musical style and continue to progress their soundscape in the recent LP “Edge of The Sun”, so it thrills me to see them come out of their shell even more, and give their single “Falling From the Sky” some serious visual experimentation. Not only does the song feature Ben Bridwell of Band of Horses, but the video stars Jose Gonzalez; it’s just a straight up crazy concept all together.

Gonzales plays the caretaker of a giant worm-like creature with a permanent whistler face, one eye, and a strange umbilical cord. Jose carries it around in a giant carrying case with a glory hole inside, alluding to the lyric “What do you see when you have nothing to feel?” As crazy as this concept is, you might think, “I just spent 3 minutes of my life with Jose Gonzalez and a giant, hairy, Toxic Avenger-looking worm with a face – and it’s all over too quick!“ While I do think it was cut short, don’t forget that this is only Part 1! According to Pitchfork, it’s going to be continued through a Jose Gonzalez video in the near future, so don’t fret!

This vid has a really interesting glimpse into the situation, and doesn’t waver from it. Director Mikel Cee Karlsson seems to keep this philosophy in his other videos, placing a lot of focus on the concept and situation(s). The others he’s put out are very personal, and uses longer than average shot length to place attention of the characters and specific emotion at hand. He’s said that he has been wanting to work with creature creators Bjorn Renner and Albin Karlsson since he saw an installation of theirs with the same wormy nature, and wanted to give it some emotional depth. I think that he went the right direction in pursuing the artists for this project, because it definitely creates the weird feel he intended, as well as the mysterious relationship it shares with Jose – but it really makes you wonder what that relationship is about. Is it just about a necessary type of love, or something more complex, like John Wick’s relationship to his dog? Very interested to see what “Perspective 2” will bring!


Caleb Jackson is a director/writer/producer at Felt Film. He’s got some more music video reviews at Lowlyer.