Emilie Nicolas_Pstereo_2Stolen Shots is a column in which our bud, fellow director Caleb Jackson picks apart some music videos that we love. Check out what he’s got to say, because it’s awesome.

Ever go on those long solo drives, and you just let your imagination run wild? Enter Emilie Nicolas‘ video for “Pstereo”; the Oslo native, electro-pop newcomer and English director Emile Rafael have come together to make one of the most beautifully shot videos I’ve seen in a while. It’s one of those videos where not much happens, but its beauty urges you to immerse yourself within its narrative and engage with the content. Pstereo is a perfect blend of stunning landscape photography and fictional elements composited together – its simplicity made complete.

I love how this vid takes only a few components and performs all of them very well to create a fun and imaginative experience. The cinematography stuns with color and texture, and really pulls you into the scale of each frame – the whales look so huge against the backdrop of snowy mountains and bodies of water. Emilie Nicolas’ character in the car doesn’t really have much of a story, but according to Rafael in an interview with 1.4, he likes to experiment with character and setting, so you can use your imagination to fill in the gaps; check out his video for “Stubborn Heart“, it has a similar approach, and is shot in an pre-fabricated post WWII estate with a very ghost town feel to it.

Director Emile Rafael is still pretty new to the scene, popping up pretty quickly in the London music video community, getting tapped by Caviar Content after a brief stint producing projects in Prague, and later returning to London to continue his career. He has worked on some significant projects, and seems to have a very straightforward, but powerful approach to capturing subjects. He uses a lot of medium shots as a foundation, giving a contextual, personal approach. His work with  and graphic novel legend Alan Moore are astounding – he seems to have a great way about showing portraits of very talented artists, without dropping too much of his own vision over them.

Overall, I got really into this vid – it’s easy to enjoy the dreamlike driving footage, and graceful creatures swimming through fog. I’m also looking forward to Rafael’s upcoming work, because this video blew me away and showed a really interesting approach to fiction that reminded me of M83’s “We Own the Sky” and Bon Iver’s “Holocene”. As for singer Emilie Nicolas, I hope that she is able to find her audience in Europe, as well as America – if you’re in Norway this summer, she’s got a few dates in June-August.


Caleb Jackson is a director/writer/producer at Felt Film. He’s got some more music video reviews at Lowlyer.