alison_wonderland_run_2Stolen Shots is a column in which our bud, fellow director Caleb Jackson picks apart some music videos that we love. Check out what he’s got to say, because it’s awesome.

The new vid for Australian singer Alison Wonderland’s “Run” is a germaphobe’s worst nightmare, but I’m pretty sure most sane people would find something to like about it. It’s basically an epic visual experiment, toying around with colors and textures, trying to achieve the prettiest mess of ice cream and sweaty dudes you can imagine amidst a really cool track. The song is catchy and a little dark – it totally fits with the juxtaposition of beauty and nihilism that is featured in the video’s content.

Overall, this is a really fun concept; a bunch of meth-heads decide to grab some weapons and knock off an ice cream shop… but they only take the ice cream, and start eating it with their hands like it’s their last meal. I could be reading too much into it, but it feels like the point of this video is to highlight the simple pleasures in life. Even when there’s nothing left to lose, there is still color, emotion, taste. Those qualities are focused on further in the visual experimentation with the spinning actors in the foreground, as some really amazing looking textures are captured.

Director Tim K has been pretty comfortable with big budget commercials (including the recent chainsaw phone contract massacre), so it’s really cool for him to pop his head out once in a while and direct a cool music vid. A few years back, he did a really cool boat video for indie band Classixxx that shared a lot of similarities with Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. I don’t often see the pretentious brand of humor done well, but that one stood out to me. This new video definitely has more of a commercial feel, though the content is something he could have only come up with out of repression of working under extremely PC restrictions constantly. I hope that he dreams up something even more awesome in a few years, or better yet… starts making some disturbing commercial content. Breaking Bad was a big step for cable TV, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to see someone like home deliver some challenging infotainment!


Caleb Jackson is a director/writer/producer at Felt Film. He’s got some more music video reviews at Lowlyer.