white_light_shura_extended_1Stolen Shots is a column in which our bud, fellow director Caleb Jackson picks apart some music videos that we love. Check out what he’s got to say, because it’s awesome.

I’m really excited to feature the extended version of Shura’s “White Light” video because I’ve been really digging the work of director Noel Paul, one-half of the directing team, That Go. If you didn’t catch the original, shorter version, just skip straight to this one, which was released a few days ago. The edit flows better and the cuts are cleaner, but the story is exactly the same from what I could gather.

The narrative flows and drifts like a poem, but its definitely got a structure to it, enough for us to grasp what is going on, but not so much the why. I won’t spoil too much, but it does involve a crash landing on earth and a being who seeks out his identity, touching and feeling his way around. Meanwhile, a young woman is drawn to the light from the crash and witnesses the downed ship’s inhabitant in the vast green hills, experiencing the essence of his supernatural ability.

The cinematography is obviously amazing, dashing from personal closeups to sweeping landscape shots filled with greenery and epic clouds. Jake Scott, the DP is a previous collaborator with Noel, and filmed “A Wall”, one of the three Bat for Lashes videos Noel directed.

Paul seems to follow a certain kind of tone, that is, a personal one, usually with a man and a woman involved in some kind of relationship, such as his Electric Youth video, or my personal favorite, “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings“, by Father John Misty. I like how he went with a similar tone here, but totally made it into a more surreal, enigmatic sci-fi narrative. The two characters obviously seem interested in what the other is, but they are too naive to really make anything out of it. They’re like kids playing doctor.

If you like what you see here, Paul’s other projects are also astounding, staying versatile by shooting a lot of different ways and still making them look phenomenal. I recommend Portugal the Man’s “Purple Yellow Red and Blue“, and any of the three (1,2,3) Bat For Lashes videos. Hope he puts out something else soon! I’m hooked!


Caleb Jackson is a director/writer/producer at Felt Film. He’s got some more music video reviews at Lowlyer.