I’ve been waiting impatiently for the soundtrack to Another Earth¬†ever since I saw the movie a few weeks back at LAFF. It made such an impression on me that I stayed till the musical credits to see who was responsible for it. As it turns out it comes from NY based Fall On Your Sword, featuring former LCD Soundsystem cohort Phil Mossman, and it’s finally releasing next Tuesday, July 19. The soundtrack’s a welcome dose of laid-back electro/IDM that sounds as hopeful as the movie is, while also having the versatility that the movie requires through some nice string/piano pieces. Music is a central part of one of the main protagonist’s backstory and the soundtrack works well into those moments also. Now you can check it out for yourself, courtesy of Fader. P.S. do yourself a favor and check out the movie when it comes out on July 22 of this month.


Another Earth – Soundtrack by Milan Records