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'Evil Dead' By Francesco Francavilla

‘Evil Dead’ By Francesco Francavilla

Swallow this...
Joe LoDuca's 'Army Of Darkness' Score On Vinyl Now

Joe LoDuca’s ‘Army Of Darkness’ Score On Vinyl Now

Gettin' groovy with it.
Beyond Fest Recap: 'Evil Dead', 'Evil Dead II' With Bruce Campbell & More

Beyond Fest Recap: ‘Evil Dead’, ‘Evil Dead II’ With Bruce Campbell & More

Groovy, and then some.
SDCC '15: The 'Ash Vs Evil Dead' Trailer Is Glorious

SDCC ’15: The ‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’ Trailer Is Glorious

Still groovy.
'Evil Dead 2' By Ghoulish Gary Pullin

‘Evil Dead 2’ By Ghoulish Gary Pullin

More than groovy.
'Army Of Darkness' From Chris Weston & Jeff Boyes

‘Army Of Darkness’ From Chris Weston & Jeff Boyes

Gimme some sugar, baby.