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Film Review: 'Justice League'

Film Review: ‘Justice League’

Good enough, but should've been great.
'Justice League' By Rich Kelly

‘Justice League’ By Rich Kelly

Okay, this is cool.
SDCC 2017: DC Brings 'Justice League' & 'Aquaman' In A Slight Panel

SDCC 2017: DC Brings ‘Justice League’ & ‘Aquaman’ In A Slight Panel

Not much, but intriguing enough.
Film Review: 'Wonder Woman'

Film Review: ‘Wonder Woman’

Really wonderful in every way.
'Wonder Woman' By Tula Lotay

‘Wonder Woman’ By Tula Lotay

'Batman Begins' By Kevin Wilson

‘Batman Begins’ By Kevin Wilson

Pretty great.
Alex Ross' Justice League' & Mr. Garcin's 'Batman'

Alex Ross’ Justice League’ & Mr. Garcin’s ‘Batman’

Available at French Paper Art.
Film Review: 'Suicide Squad'

Film Review: ‘Suicide Squad’

It's a stinker.
SDCC '16 Pilot Review: 'Powerless'

SDCC ’16 Pilot Review: ‘Powerless’

DC's witty workplace sitcom shows promise!
SDCC '16: 4th Annual 'Musical Anatomy of a Superhero' Recap

SDCC ’16: 4th Annual ‘Musical Anatomy of a Superhero’ Recap

Creating supehero music is as fun as it sounds.
SDCC '16: 'Wonder Woman' Gets A Beautiful Poster

SDCC ’16: ‘Wonder Woman’ Gets A Beautiful Poster

Truly wonderful.
Here's Our First Look At 'Batman - The Telltale Series'

Here’s Our First Look At ‘Batman – The Telltale Series’

Get ready for some tough decisions.