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'True Romance' By Tyler Stout

‘True Romance’ By Tyler Stout

So cool.
'Guardians Of The Galaxy' By Rockin' Jelly Bean

‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ By Rockin’ Jelly Bean

Available at NYCC booth #2160.
'Night Of The Living Dead' By Sara Deck

‘Night Of The Living Dead’ By Sara Deck

They're coming to get us Barbara!
'Aliens' By Godmachine

‘Aliens’ By Godmachine

'28 Days Later' By Mike Saputo

’28 Days Later’ By Mike Saputo

You can't stop the sickness.
'Evil Dead 2' By Anthony Petrie

‘Evil Dead 2’ By Anthony Petrie

Swallow this.
'Nosferatu' By Sara Deck

‘Nosferatu’ By Sara Deck

He's awakened!
'Alien' By Gary Pullin

‘Alien’ By Gary Pullin

Snarling, gross, beautiful.
'Spider-Man Vs. Punisher' By Raid71

‘Spider-Man Vs. Punisher’ By Raid71

Caught in the web.
'Spider-Man' By Andy Fairhurst

‘Spider-Man’ By Andy Fairhurst

Neighborhood friendly and everything!
Hero Complex Gallery Celebrates 'Thor: Ragnarok'

Hero Complex Gallery Celebrates ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

This should be fun!
'Spider-Man Vs. Vulture' By Florey

‘Spider-Man Vs. Vulture’ By Florey