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'Angel Heart' By Krzysztof Domaradzki

‘Angel Heart’ By Krzysztof Domaradzki

The flesh is weak, Johnny.
'Antichrist' By Pighands

‘Antichrist’ By Pighands

'The Thing' By David Graham

‘The Thing’ By David Graham

'Dracula' By Godmachine

‘Dracula’ By Godmachine

This one's got some bite.
Film Review: 'It Comes At Night'

Film Review: ‘It Comes At Night’

Damning modern horror.
'Dead Man's Shoes' By Leslie Herman

‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ By Leslie Herman

Marching on.
Code Orange Release The Video For 'Bleeding In The Blur'

Code Orange Release The Video For ‘Bleeding In The Blur’

Killing it.
Film Review: ‘Alien: Covenant’

Film Review: ‘Alien: Covenant’

Lots of monsters, definitely.
'1984' By Olivier Bonhomme

‘1984’ By Olivier Bonhomme

Film Review: 'Hounds Of Love'

Film Review: ‘Hounds Of Love’

Difficult to watch, but smart, emotional subversion.
Film Review: 'A Dark Song'

Film Review: ‘A Dark Song’

Resonant and subversive.
'The Crossing' Bridges The Gap Between 'Prometheus' & 'Alien: Covenant'

‘The Crossing’ Bridges The Gap Between ‘Prometheus’ & ‘Alien: Covenant’

Is this saying what I think its saying!? Wow.