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Beyond Fest Review: 'Lords Of Chaos'

Beyond Fest Review: ‘Lords Of Chaos’

Real life tragedy brought to life with reverence.
Film Review: 'Columbus'

Film Review: ‘Columbus’

Masterful and heartfelt. An absolute must.
Get Bloody With Metallica's Video For 'ManUNkind'

Get Bloody With Metallica’s Video For ‘ManUNkind’

Starring Sky Ferreira, Rory Culkin and more.
Film Review: 'Jack Goes Home'

Film Review: ‘Jack Goes Home’

A bleak, yet cathartic enigma.
Film Review: 'Intruders'

Film Review: ‘Intruders’

Home invasion with a sinister twist.
LAFF '15 Review: 'Shut In'

LAFF ’15 Review: ‘Shut In’

Twisty home invasion done right.