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Film Review: 'The Strange Ones'

Film Review: ‘The Strange Ones’

Impressionistic thriller that oozes with dread.
Film Review: 'M.F.A.'

Film Review: ‘M.F.A.’

Timely and important.
Film Review: 'Good Time'

Film Review: ‘Good Time’

As real as it gets.
Film Review: 'The Beguiled'

Film Review: ‘The Beguiled’

Wickedly irresistible, yet damning & sly.
JLaw Holds Her Bleeding Heart In The First 'mother!' Poster

JLaw Holds Her Bleeding Heart In The First ‘mother!’ Poster

The new Aronofsky joint!
Film Review: 'Hounds Of Love'

Film Review: ‘Hounds Of Love’

Difficult to watch, but smart, emotional subversion.
'The Beguiled' Gets A Fantastic Poster

‘The Beguiled’ Gets A Fantastic Poster

Yes and yes.
10 Years of ‘Zodiac’

10 Years of ‘Zodiac’

'The Third Man' By AJ Frena

‘The Third Man’ By AJ Frena

Sofia Coppola Returns With 'The Beguiled'

Sofia Coppola Returns With ‘The Beguiled’

Yes queens...
Film Review: 'The Salesman'

Film Review: ‘The Salesman’

Suffocating, almost unbearable tension.
Favorite Soundtracks Of 2016

Favorite Soundtracks Of 2016

The year's best music.