horror_queens_flyerSadly, this show has come and gone (it was only up a weekend), but I’m going to post about it anyways, because it was such a great idea and yielded some amazing art. Entiteld Horror Queens: A Visual Art Show, the event was a collaboration of three female artists from Canada, paying tribute to the scream queens that the horror genre would be empty without.

There was a total of 20 pieces in the event, with a few down below, and the entire thing was sponsored by Rue Morgue Magazine.

If like me, you’re sad to have missed out, visit the artists (Paige Reynolds, Sara Deck, and Suspiria) individually for more. Reynolds and Deck actually have pieces from the show on sale at their respective online stores. via

paige-reynolds-daughter-dracula paige-reynolds-elvira paige-reynolds-Carrie paige-reynolds-VampiraPaige Reynolds

sara_deck_black_sunday sara_deck_poltergeist sara_deck_bride sara_deck_birdsSara Deck

suspiria-suspiria suspiria-phenomenaSuspiria