directors_series_title1For some time now, I’ve been waiting to add another voice to the site other than mine, and now I’ve found it. I’m pretty honored to introduce So Yun Um of So’s Reel Thoughts, a fellow blogger extraordinaire, who puts my film viewing habits to shame by watching almost 4 times as many films as I do! Every month, she’ll take us through a comprehensive retrospective featuring cinema’s brightest directors, taking a look at their artistic voice and getting us primed for their latest releases. With the recent release of The Grandmaster, So’s first installment is a crash course on director Wong Kar-wai, with his eloquent tales on atypical, forbidden romance and extravagant, visual vocabulary.

We’re pretty lucky to have her on board, so give her a warm welcome and enjoy this retrospective on the films of Wong Kar-wai.

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