Nicolas Roeg’s The Man Who Fell To Earth just doesn’t get enough love. I remember watching it too young and just thinking how transgressive it felt – it’s a very dark film, one that makes us see the human race from outside ourselves.

Tim Doyle’s latest print for Under The Floorboards is a fun nod to the classic, one that explores the alien nature of the film and manages to represent it without succumbing to all the easy solutions. I like the disorienting nature of it and how it can be viewed from multiple perspectives, just like the film. Typography is by Tyler Skaggs.

The print is on sale now through Under The Floorboards. Visit Tim Doyle for more art and info.

Tim_Doyle_The_Man_Who_Fell_To_Earth_regReg / 20″ x 30″ / 5 color screen print / Edition of 145 / £5 from the print will go to Mad About Harry / £50 shipped ($64)

Tim_Doyle_The_Man_Who_Fell_To_Earth_rainbowVar / 20″ x 30″ / 5 color screen print on iridescent rainbow foil / Edition of 55 / £5 from the print will go to Macmillan Cancer Support / £70 shipped ($90)