And I might have just found my new obsession. The Miniature X-Files Office is an Instagram account that is dedicated to recreating literally tiny X-Files scenes with tiny furniture and action figures. I sadly never got the action figures when they were out, but I’m still completely in love with the show, and this puts a giant grin on my face. From the looks of it, the account hasn’t been up for too long, but you can see the progress from them collecting everything from miniature desk lamps, pencils and more – this is going to be an account worth watching out for.

Here’s the Instagram account. via

miniature_x_files_office_5 miniature_x_files_office_1 miniature_x_files_office_3 miniature_x_files_office_4 miniature_x_files_office_6 miniature_x_files_office_2